Monday, January 26, 2009

A little mommy time...

I love when Elijah is awake and he is starting to focus more on us when we talk to him.  Today he was awake on my lap and I just loved talking to him!

He's obviously bored with whatever I was telling him.

Here it looks like he wants to tell me something!
I'm clearly more interested in this picture than he is.
I love my little guy!

Chad Visits!

We had so much fun with Chad this weekend! He came in Sunday afternoon and took off today around 4 pm.  I'm so glad he is within close enough distance to come see us and that he made the trip! Thanks for coming, Chad! Elijah loved meeting you and we loved having you!

Enjoying a little cuddle time.
Chad even tried his hand at "tummy time".  Elijah wasn't having it, unfortunately.

Don't Bug Me.

I just think these pictures are so funny, considering what his shirt says.

Weekend Events

We had a great weekend, filled will all sorts of activity for little Elijah.  Mom and I went to the mall on Friday and Elijah was so good! I took him back to Baby Gap to meet my former co-workers (and buy some clothes, of course!) and we walked around the mall for over 2 hours.  Elijah was awake and happy as can be for the last 40 minutes.  I was so proud of him! Here are some pictures from the rest of the weekend...

Daniel and Allison brought us delicious corn chowder and met Elijah on Saturday evening! Thanks, guys!
Kate and Rob came over too.  Elijah gave them lots of good eye contact!
Kate and Rob adoring the little man.
This is one of my favorites outfits that we bought him on Friday. Baby Gap!
On a non-baby note, Kirk and Tony put up a ceiling fan in our living room.  I was so proud of them for figuring it out...and it works!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Newest Colts Fan!

We took Elijah for his first outing today! We went to Home Depot to get some ceiling fans and then to McAlisters for lunch.  Elijah was a champ! He was so peaceful the whole time...a real gentleman! I took advantage of the chance to get him bundled up by putting him in his Colts coat! I think Peyton would be proud.

All bundled and read to head out!
I think he likes it.
It's so hard not to look at him (not sure what's going on with my hair here...sorry).

Just a few more pictures...

Kirk and mom put together pack and play! This thing is high tech.  Elijah likes being in it (although let's be honest, we don't leave him there very long before we get the itch to hold him again!)
Jess came back to see Elijah! They are developing quite the friendship.
Pete and Bethany brought us dinner and met Elijah yesterday too.  Thanks for dinner, guys!
Enjoying a nice conversation with Grandma.
Kirk picked out his outfit yesterday.  You can't tell, but it says "I Love Daddy" on it. So cute! I love these guys!
Yesterday Kirk got some balloons and an adorable elephant for Elijah from his co-workers at Roche.  We've been thoroughly impressed with their support! Today he got a card in the mail from his boss's boss's boss!
More Tummy Time!
He blew us away yesterday...there were moments when I thought he might actually roll over on his own.  He's not quite that advanced, but he's moving his head great!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day of Firsts...

Elijah had his first bath at home today! Grandma Spier took care of him (and also showed Kirk and me what to do since we had no clue how to bathe a newborn!). He loved the shampoo part...he didn't like the body wash part.
All clean!
He also got his first package! Thank you so much, Brad and Jacki! He loves his outfits and can't wait to wear them!
Here he is with his new outfits (can't you tell how enthused he is?).
Jacki and Brad also sent these adorable socks.  They come in 6 different colors and look like converse shoes.  They are too cute! Thanks again, guys! We love you.

It's so fun to be awake!

Elijah has been so alert today (well, at least as compared to other days!).  We pull out the cameras so quickly when his eyes open.  Don't want to miss those moments.  Kirk decided to do some tummy time with him while he was awake today and he did great.  Turned his head all th way over to the other side and lifted it several times! Such a strong young boy.

Tummy time! He looks so tiny in this picture!
Daddy was showing him how lifting your head is done!
This picture will undoubtedly be in a frame in our house.

What's with the cameras, people?
Mommy and Elijah.
Look, even our new President is a fan of him.  Yes you can, Elijah!
The new Duncan family.
Elijah loves hanging out with his grandma (especially at very early times in the morning).

More pictures...

We got Elijah all bundled up for his trip to the Dr. yesterday.  This is his cow outfit that Grandma and Grandpa Spier gave him. 
Sheena came to meet him!
Meeting Philip (the only person so far who has been more excited about Elijah's middle name than his first). 
Here's Elijah in his hand-me-down onesie from cousin Campbell (it says 1st Edition).
We got Elijah all ready for the Eagles game on Sunday hoping that his cute little outfit would give the Birds some good luck.  Unfortunately, the luck didn't show up, but Elijah is still a fan! 

Thanks, Lauren, for my Eagles outfit!
Amy Jo came back Sunday night for some more time with the little man. He was wide awake and they had quite the conversation!

Goodbye to the Duncans :(

Elijah had so much fun with his grandparents and uncle and aunts this weekend.  It was really sad to see them go :(.  Thank you all so much for coming and Elijah is anxiously awaiting your next visit!

Unfortunately, he couldn't get out of this mode the whole time they were here.  Open your eyes, little man!
Aunt Konni, Aunt Katie, Elijah, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Kyle.  What a crew!
Grandma and Grandpa Duncan.
The whole family.  A good looking bunch, isn't it?