Saturday, July 17, 2010


On Thursday afternoon, we headed out to Chicago for a few days.  Kirk and I wanted to get away before BD2 comes, just the 2 of us and we were fortunate to have it all work out for us in Chicago! Kirk's Aunt Teresa and Uncle Keith and his cousins watched Elijah for us overnight and we went and stayed in a hotel in Chicago Thursday night and then explored the city on Friday. Friday night we headed back to Uncle Keith and Aunt Teresa's for dinner and to see our little man again.  It was great to spend time with them as well as Kelly!  We had a great time...who knows when our next overnight, just the 2 of us, will be? Thanks to all who helped us out! It was so good to get away.  

The view of Lake Michigan from our hotel room on the 31st floor.  Very cool!
They were filming Transformers 3 on Michigan Ave downtown and had portions of the street blocked off.  Here is a piece of the set.
More wreckage.
They had lots of staff telling all the tourists not to take pictures.  Kirk snapped this one over his head very discreetly.
I love my husband!
We went on an architecture boat tour of the city.  It was really cool! We both agreed it was a good way to see the city on a hot day because it was much cooler on the water and we didn't have to walk anywhere.  This was our tour guide Diane.  She had to have been 80 years old and she knew A LOT of information.
Taking it all in.
The building on the left is Willis tower (formerly Sears).  The tallest building in the US...or was...I can't remember.
Navy Pier.
When we went out towards Navy pier and turned around we got a great view of the city! 
Our last stop was Millenium Park.  This is the famous bean there.  I know there were much cooler ways to take pictures than what we did...but we were tired and there were lots of people around.
Large and in charge.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Road trip!

I know I said in my last post I wouldn't be meeting Charlie until September but we had a slight change of plans.  The more pictures I saw of the little guy on Friday, the more I felt the intense need to see him! I couldn't stand it.  Kirk was anxious to see him too so on Friday night we loaded up the car, strapped Elijah into his carseat, and headed out there! We arrived early Saturday morning and spent about 35 hours total in PA.  It was a little crazy and super fast, but totally worth it.  I don't think I would've lasted 2 months without going crazy!  It was great to see my whole family and Charlie is just as cute as can be.  If you don't believe me, check out the pics.

Our first meeting.
He was even awake to greet us.  I love this picture.
Uncle Kirk with his first nephew!
Perfect little face.
We took Cam to the hospital with us when we went to meet Charlie.  This is the face she was making while Uncle Kirk was singing her country songs.  Hahaha.
Elijah was very excited to meet his cousin...maybe a little too excited.  He went running at him with both hands extended towards his face.  Thankfully, daddy intervened before things got ugly.
Aunt Rachel loves Charlie.
And so does Aunt Chrissie.
The proud mommy and daddy!
Charlie may be protecting his face because he is remembering when his cousin Elijah came at him.
Snapping as many pictures as possible of this sweet face in the few moments of wakefulness.
Charlie talking to Grandma.  It really is amazing how much babies love my mom.  Charlie wouldn't look at anyone else when she came over to say hi!
Trying to figure out his new environment.
3 cousins.  I am crazy about these 3!
Cam is saying "Cheese!" for the camera.  She kept telling us "Chawie is my brudder".
I love this one!
Elijah decided to give Cam's sunglasses a try.  He's also wearing her clothes...not his most masculine moments.
Getting in some final minutes of cuddle time before heading back home.
Charlie, the Duncans love you!
Grandparents with their grandbabies.  Do you think they look happy at all?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to the World, little man!

Kirk and I are so happy to have our first nephew, Charlie James Jackson! He was born this morning and is 7lbs, 5oz, 18 inches long. He is doing great and so is his mommy. I love him so much already! It is killing me a little bit (or a lot) to not be out there right now...and to know I won't be until September but I am so happy for Jess and Kevin and big sister Campbell. Below is a picture of the little's from a cell phone so not the greatest quality, but I'm sure there will be many more to come. He looks just like his big sister did when she was born!

We love you, Charlie!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


In addition to having the Duncans in town, we've been having a lot of other fun visitors too! A few weeks ago, my friend Vanessa was here from California and we were able to spend an afternoon together.  Her visit landed on the same week I was on bedrest, so it was awesome to have someone on the couch next to me for the afternoon.  Unfortunately, I did not document her visit with a picture, but Vans, thanks so much for coming...and for the ice cream!

Last week, our friends, the Barretts stopped by for an overnight.  Scott secured a hall director position at Biola next year so they are making the big move to California and doing a friends and family tour of the midwest before heading out there.  We were blessed to be one of their stops along the way.  Barretts, thanks again for coming...we are praying for a smooth transition to the west coast!
I know this is not the most flattering shot of myself, but it may be our last picture together for a while so I have to post it.  Love you, Mel!
Then, on Tuesday morning, I was able to see my good friend Amy Jo for breakfast.  She was making a quick visit to Indy and I'm so thankful she fit me into her busy schedule! She also brought her boyfriend, Jon, who I hadn't yet met.  Amy Jo, it was great to see you and Jon, if you're reading this, it was wonderful to meet you!
Amy Jo, I wish you still lived here.

More Duncan Time

We had such a good time having the whole Duncan family in Indianapolis for 4 days.  They left Tuesday evening and it was so great to have the whole family together.  On Monday, we took the fam down to White River State Park in downtown Indy and walked along the canal and had lunch in the city.  It was very hot, but we had a good time anyway.  

Thanks to Mom and Dad for a great 4 days! We are already looking forward to next year's vacation (or staycation as the case may be)!

All of this family shot.
Elijah and Aunt Konni.
Aunt Konni took Elijah up on the bridge...he enjoyed exploring!
Kyle, Kelly, Kirk.  I really like this one!
Kirk and some beached whale he decided to put his arm around for a picture.
Our family of 3....soon to be 4.  Yikes.
During our walk along the canal, we spotted some ducks and let Elijah feed them some of his graham cracker cookies...not sure if it's good for the ducks or not, but Elijah loved it.  He just kept throwing more into the water.
Happy ducks.  Quack, quack!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Raccoon Lake!

The Duncan family is here visiting for a few days and we are having a great time! Last night we went to an Indianapolis Indians game (minor league baseball team). It was a beautiful night and we had a great time...unfortunately I did not document that on camera, but I am vowing to document the rest of the visit.

Today, we headed west of the city to Raccoon Lake.  We rented a pontoon boat and had a blast! All 9 of Duncans were there plus Aunt Kerri and Makenna.  It was quite a crowd! We pretty much drove out to a cove and just put our anchor down and hung out.  We swam, had lunch on the boat, and loved every minute.  Elijah especially enjoyed being out on the water.

He just stood in the front of the boat as we drove and was mesmorized by the water.
My husband, the captain.
Haha...he looked funny in his vest, I thought.

My bronzed boys.
Elijah really wanted to get in the water.  He had a hard time swimming with his vest on because it just laid him flat on his back, so we decided to try and put him in this tube so he could hang out in there.  He loved his life! He could've stayed in there all day!  As you can see, he was a little unsure at this point.
But once he saw daddy, he was excited and stayed that way!
Love this one of Daddy and Grandpa adoring the little guy.
Oh, hi Grandpa!