Thursday, September 30, 2010

We had a pool at the house which we enjoyed when we weren't at the beach.  Leah looked adorable in the watermelon bathing suit I got her and my mom took her for her first swim.  She didn't love it at first but she got used to it.
Leah and Grandma.
Elijah, Aunt Jess, and Charlie looked on while Leah hit the pool.
Elijah didn't love the pool as much as the beach, but he did like standing on the side of the pool and playing ball with daddy.
There was also an inflatable dinosaur which he got on a few times and enjoyed.
Kirk is a like a little kid in the pool and on the beach.  All he wants to do is play games.
One night, my parents rented a boat for us to go see dolphins at sunset.  We did get to see a few dolphins and it was an absolutely perfect night.  We missed Rach and Shane...they didn't come along because they were cooking us an incredible meal for when we got home.  

Kirk and Elijah taking it all in.
We went by Harbour Town so we got to see it from the water.
The captain told us it was a good place to take pictures and she was right.
Jackson family.
Leah looked so funny in the lifejacket she had to wear.  It was bigger than her!
the sunset was beautiful.
Love this one of my parents with the babies.
Me and Jess.
This may be my favorite picture of Elijah from the week.  This face just perfectly captures his joy.
Cam and Elijah enjoyed standing in the front of the boat letting the wind hit their faces.
Group shot...just wish Rach and Shane were in it and it would be perfect!
Me and my girl.
Elijah absolutely loves his grandpa.  He follows him around everywhere.
Charlie and Leah are so cute together.  I love that they are only 3 weeks apart. 

We had them "laying out" by the pool one day and Jess took some great pictures of them!
They are having more fun than it looks :).
My mom had them both smiling one day too.  I tried my hardest to capture it.
I think Leah's face here is hilarious.
On our last night in Hilton Head, my parents treated us to an excellent dinner at Old Oyster Factory.  It was a great restaurant right on the water.  We enjoyed our night out and were especially thankful to my dad who took Elijah out by the water to throw rocks while we waited for our food.  He was much happier out there than in his high chair! Thanks, dad!

The whole crew.
After dinner, we drove down to Harbour Town to walk around.  I wasn't around for the beautiful sunset pictures becuase I was feeding Leah, but I love this one of the two men in my life.
He looked so handsome and grown up!
Love this one of Grandpa and 2 of his grandkids.
Cute one of the Weavers :).

Friday, September 17, 2010

Apple of my Eye

As I have mentioned, I love getting Leah all dressed up and looking girly. I had MOPS this morning and it was perfect fall weather.  I pulled out the kids jeans (which I splurged on at BabyGap because they are just the best) and got them dressed in cute fall outfits.  Elijah is napping but I had to snap a few pictures of Leah because she was looking too cute in her apple shirt and boot cut jeans :).  She got so many compliments at MOPS.

Hi, sweet girl.
Leah has the prettiest smile which I haven't been able to capture on camera yet, but this was her "after smile" face which I think is hilarious.
Half smile.
Ok, are we done yet?
Sure, take a load off, Leah.  It's hard work being so cute.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aunt Kelly and Colts!

We had two monumental events this weekend: Kelly came to visit and meet Leah and the Colts had their first game of the season.  We had a great time with Kelly...Leah thoroughly enjoyed her introduction to her and spent lots of time cuddling with her.  We wish we could have as many positive things to say about the Colts game...but...there is always next week, I guess.

Our little Colts fans!
I don't know when I started to care so much about football (but I'm guessing it was somewhere around the time I married Kirk).
Elijah was not in the mood to have his picture taken but Kelly was excited about it :).
Kirk enjoyed introducing Leah to the Colts.
Love her.
The cutest little Colts fan there is.
Thanks for coming, Aunt Kelly! We love you.

Chaddie is Married?!

Over Labor Day weekend, we had a great time celebrating the marriage of my best friend, Chad and his new wife Danielle.  Chad and I have known each other our whole lives and it was such a joy to be at his wedding.  I was surprised by how emotional it was (I know...I should never be surprised by how emotional I am) to watch him get married.  He was so happy and I was just so happy for him!! Congrats, Chaddie! We love you guys.

Aunt Marsha looked so pretty.  She was sitting alone in front of us because her whole family was in the bridal party (Chad's dad was the best man, his brothers were groomsmen, and his sister was a bridesmaid).
Watching his bride walk down the aisle.
She could not have looked happier!
They had their bridal party join around them for prayer during the ceremony.
You may kiss the bride!
Thrilled to be husband and wife!
We had so much fun at Chad and Danielle's reception.  This is their first dance.
We got to sit with Anna and Dan and Steph and Bob at the reception.  It was great to be with good friends.  Aren't Anna and Dan such a great looking couple??
It was fun to be kidless for a night (thanks for babysitting Jess and Rach!).
Anna and I have been great friends for 10 years now!