Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day

We had a very nice, relaxing Mother's Day on Sunday.   Since Kirk had been gone for 3 days for the wedding, it was especially nice to all be together again. I am so thankful to be a mom.  Motherhood did not come when I expected it to, nor has it looked much like I thought it would, but it has been, without a doubt, a great challenge and a great blessing.  

Perkasie has a really old carousel that only open about 7-10 times a year. Mother's Day is one and we were pleased to find out moms ride free! Unfortunately, we had to pay for Elijah and Leah at a whopping 35 cents a piece :).  
 My cute crew.
 I'm so mad about this picture. I believe it is the ONLY picture we have of all 3 kids smiling and I am squinting! Ugh! 
 The Duncans.  Thanks, Kirk, for journeying with me! I love all 4 of you more than words can say! 

Holliday Wedding

This past weekend, we had so much fun at the wedding of one of our best friends, Paul, and his new bride Rachel.  It was such a blast to see old TU friends and celebrate this new marriage! Kirk was honored to be a groomsman (and wore his first ever bow-tie!).  Paul and Rachel, we love you both and couldn't be more excited for this new phase of your relationship! 

Once again, I forgot my camera, so the iphone had to suffice.  

The ceremony was beautiful and they both seemed so happy the entire time. 
 My handsome date and me at the reception.  
 A bunch of TU boys and Rachel :).  
 Hollidays and Duncans. 

Spring Things

Now that May is here, it feels like we are having a lot of "last day" experiences.  Elijah will be wrapping up preschool next week, Bible study is done for the summer, Awana is done for the summer and the weather is changing! I just can't believe it is summer time. It seems like the winter and spring went by fast even though I felt like it was dragging a lot of days! I apologize for the blurry photos. I ALWAYS forget to grab my camera, so these are all iphone pics.

This was Elijah's "Spring Celebration" at preschool.  He is standing in front of a flower that marks his height at the end of the year! And yes, he was 2nd tallest in his class even with about half the class being a year older than him!
 We've been hitting up a lot of parks. Emily is so happy in a swing! And I'm happy to have her there because she is the easiest to contain in a swing :). 
 Emily is definitely a very adventurous little girl and she wants to be wherever Elijah and Leah are.  Elijah was happy to give her a ride on the fire truck. 
 I know I've said this before, but these 2 are literally best friends.  It makes my heart so happy that they enjoy each other as much as they do.
 And they're pretty cute too! 
 This was Elijah's closing ceremony at Awana.  I'm so thankful for this program. Elijah now has over 20 Scripture verses hidden in his heart!
 He was given the "Great Imagination" award. No surprise there! 
 Again, the swing. 
 Emily is really, really into climbing these days.  It's a full time job keeping track of her.  This is what happened yesterday when I looked away for a minute. 
 Happy about it. 
 ...and getting herself a cracker off the counter. 
 After a particularly long winter, I am so thankful for the nice days to burn off some pent up energy!