Sunday, September 9, 2012


So, this is a little crazy to me.  A lot of people say to me that the girls look alike.  While I can understand why they say that (they both have dark hair and bright blue eyes), I don't really agree.   I just have a hard time seeing the resemblance.  My sister Jess mentioned a few weeks back that she thought Emily looked a little like Elijah.  At first I didn't see it (probably because of the hair color), but then I went back and looked at pics of E when he was Emily's age. I totally see it now.  Don't you think??


I can not believe this, but we officially have a child in school.  Of course, it's only preschool, and it's only 2 days a week, but I am having a hard time getting over the fact that Elijah is now school aged and will never be home with me all day long every day again! I was so happy with how his first day went. He was not timid or nervous at all, but so full of joy! I pray that this year will be a great year of learning and relationship building for him.  Thankfully, he was the first one up on Friday so he and I snapped a few pictures on the front porch before the girls were awake. 

Pretty pumped!

Such a goofball.

I just love this one! I wish it wasn't blurry :(.

He looks like a little boy here, which I love.

He is crazy about his backpack. It is the size of a small elephant, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Doesn't he look like his at least 12 years old here??