Monday, March 21, 2011


Kirk and I have both said recently that we have to to be very intentional about giving Leah committed, one-on-one attention. Since her brother (who we adore also, by the way) demands a lot of attention, and she is pretty content most of the time, so can fall into the backdrop at times. I must say though, she is a huge blessing in our lives. I love walking into her room in the morning (she never cries when she wakes up, by the way), and seeing her look up at me with a huge smile. I love holding her, kissing her, hugging her, and listening to her giggle. She is a real gift from God. She also happens to be very, VERY cute. The comment I hear most often when we're out in public is that she is a "doll baby". I think that is a good description of her...she has perfect baby cheeks and is happy most of the time. Can you tell I love her?

Here she is recently:

I love this onesie. It says "I'm peachy" which Allie gave me when I was pregnant with Elijah.

These last ones are from playing on the bed with mommy yesterday :).
"I'm talking to YOU!"
Happy girl.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Duncan Family Vacation 2011

Yesterday, we returned from 5 days in sunny Orlando, Florida with the Duncan family. I can not tell you how much we loved having warm weather to enjoy! It seems like it has been a very long winter. Everyone was able to be there, at least for part of it, and we enjoyed all the family time.

Both Elijah and Leah did great on both flights. I just love how easy my kids are to travel with (which is probably because we have dragged them all across the country in their short lives so they have no choice but to be ok with it :)). Here's Leah enjoying the trip down there (sorry I cut you off, Kirk).
Elijah was totally content with Barney.
We drove about and hour and a half one day to the beach and it was well worth the trip! We had a great time and it was perfect beach weather.

Elijah loved the beach just as much as he did on Spier vacation back in September. Only difference this time was he had more words to describe how awesome it was. He didn't want to leave.
We put Leah's toes in the water and she wasn't thrilled.
She looked cute though :).
Elijah loved playing with Aunt Konni in the sand.
Even though Leah didn't love the water, she was pretty content to lay under the umbrella.
Close up of the beach bum.
Elijah, Grandpa, Aunt Konni.
The sisters enjoying the sun (it appears Dad is enjoying it in the background as well :)).
Building "castles" with Daddy. Kirk and I both admitted we have no skills in the sand castle department.
We love the beach!
I told Elijah to give Daddy a hug so I could actually get a picture of them close to each other.
This will be framed.
I jumped in! I wish Elijah was looking at the camera!
The Duncans were sweet to offer a night of babysitting so Kirk and I could go on a date. We had a lot of fun. We went to Downtown Disney, which neither of us had ever been to. We had dinner at an Irish pub and then saw Cirque Du Soleil, which was incredible! If you ever have the chance, see it! Unfortunately we didn't bring our camera on our date, so these 2 are the best we could do with Kirk's ipod.
I always love dates with Kirk.
One night we went minigolfing which seems to be a Duncan family vacation tradition. It was fun and Elijah loved having his own plastifc golf club and the fact that there were safari animals he could climb on throughout the course. Leah didn't seem to mind being there either!

Elijah, a zebra, and Uncle Kyle (who came in first that night).
Dad, Mom, Kirk, and Katie (behind the tree).
Checking out the baby elephant with Aunt Kelly.
I love this picture. I will probably frame it. I just wish Katie was in it too!
Kelly, trying to sink the ball.
On Friday, our last day, we went to Sea World. It was really fun. Kirk and I were saying it has probably been 20 years since we were both last there, so it was awesome to go back. Elijah loved all the animals and Leah was an absolute champ the whole day.

The whole family (minus me) waiting for a show to start.
This show featured Clyde and Seamore, who were sea lions.
They were cute.
The family walking to the next destination. Elijah was Uncle Kyle's little tag along this whole day. Sidenote: he calls Kyle "Aunt Cow", which is hilarious to me.
Again, with Uncle Kyle waiting for the dolphin show. Elijah was more still than I've ever seen him...probably because he was completely fascinated by the day.
Dolphin Show.
Before the day ended we got to see Shamu's show too.
Grandpa took Elijah down to the front before the show started to get a close look at the whales. He loved it.
On the plane ride home, Elijah stayed awake the whole time, despite the fact that we had gotten up at 5 am to catch our flight. However, right after we landed he fell asleep with his head on Kirk's lap. He got frustrated that he couldn't lay down completely, so he got on the ground and laid himself out at our feet and slept there for about 10 minutes while we taxied in to the gate. It was hilarious. He, of course, started to wake up when I got my camera out, but still worth sharing, I think :).

We had such a good week. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for making it happen!

Some Recent Ones

These are just a few cute pictures I took before we left for Florida.

I just love this girl.
I love how easy she is to dress up. Even though Kirk says this tutu is "too much", I can't get enough of it and Leah doesn't ever complain.
Elijah is really into playing his guitar along with the Barney videos these days. He also has recently picked up "air guitar" which consists of him flailing his arms while yelling "BITAR! BITAR!" It's adorable.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Great blog and a giveaway

My very creative sister, Jess and her friend, Monica have started a blog to share all their creativity with the world. It is excellent and you should check it out. Also, they are doing a fun giveaway today so there's a little added incentive for you :).