Thursday, December 29, 2011

A North Carolina Christmas

We spent Christmas with the Duncan family in North Carolina this year. We had a great time with family and enjoyed the beautiful North Carolina winter weather (meaning sunny and mid to high 50s). All 5 of the Duncan children were home and it was really great to have some family time together, including a time of sharing goals for the new year and prayer with each other. Anyway, here's a few pictures of our trip! Thanks again, Mom and Dad for all your generosity and Konni for letting us take over your room for the week!

The Kirk Duncans on Christmas Eve.
I love love love this picture, even with my kids' funny faces!
My mom got this outfit for Leah at the after Christmas clearance sales last year. I am SO happy it fit her this Christmas. She looked just precious!

Leah is never happier than when she gets her hands on some soda! She snagged this one out of my hands and ran!
Playing with Aunt Kelly.
Konni, all ready for the Christmas festivities to begin!
I love that Kirk's family has a lot of similar traditions to mine. Here is Dad reading the Christmas story to us on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning I did not take many pictures because I was too busy enjoying watching everyone open their gifts. I did snatch this one of Leah climbing the ottoman though.
Elijah playing with his truck from Uncle Kyle.

Our Little Family Christmas

I took not nearly enough pictures of our little Christmas, but I wanted to share the few I did take. I did get a couple videos, but we need to edit them down a little bit before posting them. Anyway, we celebrated with just the 4 (and a half ) of us last Thursday morning so we didn't need to load up our gifts to take to NC with us. The kids enjoyed it very much and Kirk and I loved watching them get excited about their new toys.

We go youngest to oldest, so Leah was first. She wasn't really sure what to do with her gift, so she just left it at her feet.
And then Kirk helped. It's a domino set with animals on it. Basically, it's another toy she can safely make a mess with. This girl loves a good mess!
We are so thankful for the generosity of some dear friends and family that made it possible for us to buy a kitchen set for the kids for Christmas. They love it and are really enjoying cooking Kirk and me all sorts of treats. Elijah even grilled a bagel for me today :). I wish you could actually see it in this photo, but I do have video of it coming soon!
Elijah asked Santa specifically for a garbage truck and Santa delivered! He LOVES his new truck that even collects trash from the trash can.
Of course, Leah needed a truck to play with so we pulled one out for her too to try to minimize the fighting :).

Souderton Parade

Back in the first weekend of December, the little town of Souderton hosted a really cool Christmas Parade. Jess, Kirk and I took our kids (Kevin had to work) and we really enjoyed it. It was such a long parade we didn't even last until the end. I was very impressed with the size of the parade considering that it is a small town.

Cam and E getting ready for it to start!
3 out of 4 Jacksons.
Elijah spent much of the parade back in this little alley. He doesn't like to get too close, but he sure did enjoy it from a safe distance :).
Some of the parade on the cute streets of Souderton.
Daddy and patriotic Leah.
Love this one! She totally has my heart.