Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Daddy Comes Home...

I love when Kirk gets home from work.  Elijah is always SO happy to see him and Kirk is always so quick to pick him up and play with him.  I love my two guys so much.

Mom, can you quit with the pictures? We are trying to play.
Daddy is so awesome!
Can it get cuter?
Did I mention I love them?
Well, hello there, Mr. Charmer.
I wanted in on the action.
Ok, I think this is so funny.  My Uncle Jim and Aunt Verna gave Elijah a stuffed buzzard...if you know my Uncle Jim, you know this is a classic gift that he would give.  I thought it would be hilarious if our kid ended up loving it, and guess what...
...he does.

I know this isn't interesting to most...

...but a few people have asked what I did with the stuff I got from my Uppercase Living party a few weeks back. I'm really happy with two of the things I've done so far. I still have the pieces I bought for Elijah's room to put up though.

This is what I put above the guest room bed.  It was my first one, so I messed up a little (can you tell on the "smile"?).
You can't see it too well here, but at least you can see how the color complements the bedroom decor.
And this I made for a wedding gift.  I painted it brown and then put the saying on it.  I LOVE how this looks.
I kind of want to keep it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spier Family Asheville Vacation.

We just returned from a wonderful week in the mountains of North Carolina with my family. Of course, I'm totally depressed to be back home, but I am so thankful for such a great week with the whole Spier Gang! We had wonderful weather, the perfect house, and lots of great family time together.  Can hardly wait for next year! 

On our way!
Just a little excited. Can you tell?
Aunt Jess got her cuddle time in with Elijah immediately! Who can blame her?
This house was seriously fantastic.  The next few pictures show you some of the wonderful parts of it. I took these pictures as soon as we got there before it had the 8 adults, 2 infants, "lived-in" look.  The view from the back porch.
One of two outdoor decks, that were practically like another living room.
Welcome home (for a week).
I could get used to this.
Family room (the site of several game nights).
Pool/Hot Tub = Bliss
There was a short hike near our house to a pretty neat waterfall.  The whole family walked there one night.
The crew at the destination.
My two buddies.

Love this little man.
Elijah loves his Aunt Rach (I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual).
Kirk and Kevin climbed up the waterfall and then posed for this awkward shot.
Not the best picture of Cam, but I like it of Jess.

Boat Trip!

One day we went a boat tour of Lake Lure, which is a big, beautiful, man-made lake.  It was a really neat tour and we learned a lot of interesting things.  We got there a little early so we took a walk around the lake first. 

Love this picture of Mom and Elijah.
I also love this one of me, Jess, and our kids!
Elijah enjoyed the boat!
I love this man.
Squirming with Grandma.

Cam's silly face (that I taught her, by the way).
Lake Lure is where they filmed certain scenes of Dirty Dancing. This is the corner of the lake where Johnny and Baby did their water scene.  By the way, they filmed it in late October! The tour guide told us they did not do any close-ups in that scene because their lips were blue!
If you look closely, you can see the stairs where Baby walked down with a watermelon. Remember that scene?? 
Jacksons enjoying the tour.
Love this picture of Kirk and me.
I love these next three pictures of Elijah. Cute.
Aunt Rachel is great at keeping the babies occuppied when they get a little too active at dinner time!
Uncle Shane helped too!

Grove Park Inn

Dad and Mom took us to this awesome restaurant in Asheville.  It was on the terrace of the Grove Park Inn which is a stunningly beautiful hotel.  We had an awesome view overlooking the mountains and it was the perfect night, weather-wise.  The food was terrific too! 

Jess, Cam, and Rach taking it all in!
Love this picture of Shane and Rachel!
The Jacksons. Beautiful family.
My sweet family.
Elijah playing with Uncle Shane.