Monday, August 25, 2008

A weekend away...

This weekend, Kirk and I headed to West Virginia to meet up with mom, dad, Jess, Kevin, and Campbell. My Aunt Lynn and Uncle Barry have a house there and were gracious enough to let us use it as a meeting place in the middle. Unfortunately, they couldn't be there, but thanks so much for letting us stay! We love your house :). It was also unfortunate that Shane and Rach couldn't join us--we missed you!

We had a good time in WV and of course enjoyed seeing the fam! It was especially a highlight to see Campbell...she is growing up so much! We just love her!

Even though there are more Messiah grads than Taylor in my family, I have started Campbell off on the right foot. Her very own Taylor sweatsuit. I think she is leaning towards TU. Class of 2030, get ready for Campbell!
Can't you tell she loves it?
She tried a lemon. She didn't love it.
She is sophisticated...she likes to drink out of big people glasses. Bottles are for babies.
Sisters with Campbell!

An afternoon at the Greenbriar...

Yesterday, we went to the Greenbriar Hotel. It is one of the top rated resorts in the country and it is an incredible place! It's definitely on my list of places I would like to stay some day. First, we toured a 112,000 square foot fallout bunker that was kept a secret from the American public for 30 years! It's underground beneath the hotel and was to be used for Congress if there was ever a nuclear attack on the US. The secret was disclosed in 1992 and they now give tours to the public. There are no pictures because cameras were not allowed, but trust me, if you are ever in that area, you should go on the tour! It was fascinating.

Then, we enjoyed the Greenbriar brunch. The food was incredible. After brunch, we thought it would be a good idea to walk off the food a little, so we took some pictures along the way.

The Jacksons.
The Duncans.
My niece. I'm in love.
The front of the Greenbriar.
The whole group...just missing Rach and Shane!

A Definite Highlight!

For months, I've been wanting a giant stuffed giraffe for the baby's nursery (giraffe is my favorite animal). We saw one in Lewisburg at a toystore and I mentioned how I would like one for the baby. Well, my parents were struck with generosity (and the overwhelming desire to spoil another grandbaby) and picked one up. Then, later, they suprised Kirk and me with it! Yay!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trying again...

I'm trying to post the leg video again because it didn't show up the first time. In this video, you can see the baby's legs kicking...they were moving during the whole ultrasound!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One of the coolest things ever!

Today Kirk and I had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound. This is the time when we WOULD HAVE found out what we are having, but we held off and still don't know :). Anyway, we got to look at so many parts of the baby and it was so exciting. We saw everything from the spine, to the fingers, the heart, to the bladder even! Everything is progressing exactly as it should (due date remains at 1.17.08). Everything is normal although she did mention that the baby has very long arms and legs! No surprise considering who his (or her) parents are!

Thanks for all your prayers for Baby Duncan. We are so excited to meet the little guy!

The torso, spine, and legs.
The body and head.
You can see its arm bent and held up to his face. It looked like it was sucking its thumb!

These last two are videos. The first one you can see its legs moving (which were going crazy the whole time) and the second one you can see it moving its arms and head!