Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts.

I know a lot of you want to see baby bump updates (and trust me, the baby bump is making itself known!), but unfortunately, Kirk and I are having computer problems. Our only window to the internet right now is the library and we obviously can't upload photos there. So, I promise, as soon as we get the computer up and running again, I will update you! I guess the only other solution is you could come visit me!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jacki and Brad's Big Day!

This weekend, I had the privilege of standing in Brad and Jacki's wedding. Jacki has been one of my best friends since freshman year at Taylor and we were roommates for 2 of our 4 years. She and Brad have also been together since freshman year, so we have waited (and by we, I mean mainly they) a long time for this day! It was such a beautiful day from start to finish and we could not be happier for the new Johnstons. The ceremony and reception were both held at a spectacular place called Laurel Hall. It was originally built as a millionaire's mansion, so it has been lived in at one point. The ceremony was out in the yard (by the way, it was 75 and sunny) and the reception took place inside. Congrats, Brad and Jacki! We love you guys. By the way, check out their photographer's blog for a few awesome shots of the day:

Hair and makeup done and ready to go get dressed! Isn't she beautiful?
Her dress was gorgeous!
and it was even prettier on! It was just perfect for her.
Weddings are a great reason to be with friends--Lauren was in town!
Kirk showing off his baby (and I don't mean me)!
Kirk had the camera during the ceremony and he got some good shots! Well done, Kirk!

The bridesmaids waiting for the bride! I happened to be looking at Kirk at that moment!
Brad and Jacki had their parents take some vows as well, promising to support Brad and Jacki as they move forward. They had a time of prayer together after that.
Darla sang in our wedding and also in Jacki's. It's a great tradition...I love hearing her sing!
You may kiss your bride, Brad!
So exciting!

Brad and Jacki are both very artistic and creative and it showed in the details of the day! They did a great job of making it personal and they all flowed so nicely together.
The favors were these little jars of honey.
The beautiful centerpieces.
Remember those fortunte teller folded paper we used to play with in middle school? That's what Brad and Jacki did for their menus! By the way, Brad hand-made each of these entirely on his own! Groom of the century!
This is the paper all unfolded, with the descriptions of all the different courses.
The cake.

The party begins...

The reception was held in what was the dining room of the old house, I believe. It was a very intimate almost felt like you were at a dinner party with lots of old friends. The buffet was served in the library of the house--it was just one great room after another!!

Waiting to be announced as Mr. and Mrs. Johnston!!
Our great table. Kelly, Kirk, Darla, Brian, Cara, Andy (Jacki's brother), Lauren, and Brad. Mallory was also there...not sure where she was at this point!
So happy!
It's so fun to get married in the same year!

The night ended with dancing on the terrace outside. It was really beautiful out there and we had a great time dancing away (by the way, the baby LOVED dancing. He or she was kicking like crazy!).

This isn't a great picture but at least I caught them in the act of kissing during their first dance!
The great swing band. They played mostly 40s style big band music.
Brad and Jacki met as freshmen at Taylor because they lived on brother/sister wings. This is all the freshmen from that year who lived on those 2 wings 6 years ago!
The girls. We had such a great time together this weekend!
The bride and me. A little close (thanks Kirk) but still cute!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another great roadtrip!

For Labor Day, Kirk and I hit the road again--this time for Scandia, PA. My good friend Anna and her husband Dan are heading to the mission field next week. I can't believe they are leaving...they will be gone at least a year, so we wanted to be sure to see them before the headed out. Anna's parents have a great house in Scandia, set in the moutains, and they were gracious enough to let us come and stay there. We had a great time...very relaxing and we were grateful to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with Dan and Anna. We love you guys!

The view of the back of the house (I meant to take one of the front, but forgot!).
Some of the land out there.
The back yard...not bad, huh?
When Kirk and I were dating, we went to the farm one other time. While we were there, Anna's dad told Kirk that he could shoot some guns next time he was there. He didn't forget that promise and Dan and Kirk headed out to the field on Sunday to shoot for a little bit. Here's the guys setting up the targets.
A happy man. He's got pretty good aim, too!

On Saturday night, Dan and Anna took us up to New York (not far from the farm) for a nice dinner at a place called Bemus Point on Lake Chataqua. It was absolutely beautiful and there was an open air concert going on too! We had a great time there.

The four of us :).
We love the Rices!
We love the water. We plan on owning a boat someday.
The scenery.