Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sarah Palin Fiasco...

So, you have seen on facebook my issues with Sarah Palin's book signing in Noblesville, which is just about 5 miles from our house. In case you didn't, here's a brief rundown of how things went:

In order to get in to the book signing at the local Borders, you had to go wait in line on Thursday morning to get a wristband. This wristband supposedly "guaranteed" your entrance into the Borders the same evening. In fairness to Borders, however, I will admit there was a very small disclaimer at the bottom of the "rules" they handed out saying that "Sarah Palin reserves the right to stop signing at any time due to unforseen events". I thought unforseen events was referring to something like an earthquake, a family emergency, or a car breaking down. I was wrong.

So anyway, Elijah and I (yes, I did take my 10 month old son) went on Thursday morning at 7:30 to wait in line. The doors were opening at 9 am and the line was very long when I arrived...I was told when I arrived that the line was up to somewhere around 750 or 800. So we waited...and waited...and waited. You know I have a good son...and he was great as usual, but any normal child would be TICKED about having to sit in a stroller for hours on end, and Elijah is a normal child. Kirk and I texted back and forth about it and he said "Oh, we'll have a good story to tell him someday". Turns out, we really don't.

I finally made it through the Borders with my wristband at 11 am...if you're doing the math you realize this is 3.5 hours, but that's ok, because I was going to meet the former VP candidate (and potential future Presidential candidate) whom I had voted for and I was excited about that opportunity.

So, Kirk and I headed back over to Borders Thursday evening. The book signing was from 6-9 and they let people in based on where you were in line in the morning, so I was about 700 people back. We arrived at 7 and waited and waited, yet again. Around 8:30, people were beginning to wonder if she was going to get through the whole crowd. She didn't. She stopped short of Kirk and me by about 50 people. She left roughly 300 people with wristbands without signatures. It was a major bummer.

Here is the funny part: a friend of mine posted this link to a video on YouTube yesterday on my facebook wall. It's the angry Palin fans chanting "SIGN OUR BOOKS" as Palin fled the scene. For the record, Kirk and I were not chanting and thought it was pretty lame that people were. However, you can see us in this video! I am wearing a pink sweater and Kirk is wearing a brown hat and we are right in the front up next the corals. I heard this video even made it on the Today Show (not surprising since the liberal media will find anything to harrass Palin and any other conservative about).

Oh well. As my mom would say, "What can you do?". Her book, Going Rogue, is actually quite good...just finished it yesterady.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Colts vs. Patriots

This is the end of the Colts game the other night. We could not believe they came back and we were so excited when they sealed the victory!! I don't know why my voice sounds so low and nasty...possibly because it was close to midnight...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Smiles...and some fake smiles...

Elijah has been cracking me up recently whenever I pull out the camera.  He throws his head back and does this horrible fake smile.  It is so hysterical and I don't know where he learned that or why he does it.   It's funny because when I was a kid, I had a fake smile too...although I don't think mine started this early.

A fake one.
A nice normal one.
By the time my camera actually takes the picture, he sometimes goes back to a normal smile.
Look at his raggedy hair.
The best fake one of all.


I watched Hunter the other day while his mom had a hair appointment.  He is just the sweetest little guy and I'll be honest, this was the easiest babysitting job I've ever had...he literally slept the whole time he was here (about 2 and a half hours).  When he first got here, Elijah was sleeping too, so when he woke up, I let him crawl around and waited for him to notice Hunter.  Once he did, he was highly entertained by watching him sleep.  Elijah seriously loves other babies and gets really happy whenever he spots one! 

I took some pictures of Hunter sleeping because I think sleeping babies are so sweet and I can't snap those pictures of Elijah anymore because he always wakes up.
He does not have a care in the world at this point.
Elijah sat there for about 10 minutes when he discovered Hunter.
And then he realized he could touch the car seat..
And then he realized he could stand up and look in...and after this things got really complicated because he realized he could reach in and touch Hunter! That's when I had to put the camera down and police my son :).  I love this picture though.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crazy Hair

Elijah's hair is getting very long and I love spiking it up after bath time.  Here's a few from tonight...

My little punk rocker.
Please ignore the runny nose and drool...
I'm sorry you have inherited my crazy's funny now.  It won't be later.

Max and Elijah

I will post more pictures of my girls weekend later, but I wanted to get these up of Elijah and his buddy, Max.  Max is the son of my good friend Kelly and the boys are 5 months apart.  We recently discovered they had matching vests and decided to make a photo shoot out of it.

I am predicting a lot of ladies in their futures.
Max is doing a great job at looking right at teh camera...Elijah, not so much.
There we go! I think he learned this fake smile from me (you should see the pictures of my "smiles" as a little kid!).