Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grandma's Visit

My mom came for a week for Leah's birthday a few weeks back and as always, we loved having her visit! Thankfully she had her camera along since mine is broken and snapped some good ones of the kiddos. I wish we had documented her being here, but I guess we were too busy having a good time with her! Thanks for coming, Mom! We love you so much.

I know she can't suck her thumb forever, but I think I'll be a little sad when she stops. It's just so cute!
This picture makes me sad that we have since cut his hair. I love those curls.
Again, how cute is that?

Very focused on Barney.
This one just makes me laugh because it sums up Leah. Trying to get into something and loving every minute.
Aunt Rach and Uncle Shane (and cousin Norah) got Leah this walker for her birthday and she loves it!
She is quite pleased with herself (and angry when the walker bumps into something).
Grandma and Grandpa Spier got her this dolly. I'd say she likes her.

Leah's Birthday Bird Bash

It's been several weeks since we had Leah's birthday party but I am finally settling in and having a chance to blog about it some more. We had a great bird-themed birthday party and enjoyed good food and great friends. IT was VERY hot outside, so we didn't take advantage of the lawn games as much as we wish we could have, but we still enjoyed celebrating our special little girl. Kirk and I talk about how sweet, funny, and lovable Leah is every day. She is always doing something to make us laugh or melt our hearts. She is happy and charming, and at the same time a little ornery and mischievous. We just can not imagine life without her. Thank you, Lord, for knowing that Leah needed to be a part of this family. We are so blessed.

My sister Jess made this cute birthday banner for Leah. I had seen one on etsy and was tempted to buy it but knew Jess could make one just as cute. Turns out she made it even cuter! Thanks, Aunt Jess. It was the perfect touch to the b-day decorations.
There it is, hanging in the shade. Where we hung out the whole time :).
Elijah spent the majority of the party in the volleyball pit.
Leah and her friend, Molly, who came to celebrate!

Leah's Birthday Spread. Pretty good for a one year old.

Playing some croquet on her birthday in her tutu dress. Why not?
I just think she is so incredibly beautiful!
Some of our guests. We are blessed with such great friends!
If you come to my house, you will see this in a frame.

This little stinker got into the fruit salad and needed no assistance.
The cake made by my friend, Melanie.
Leah's smash cake.
I love it!
One of Leah's best buddies, Hunter and his dad waiting for cake :).

After a quick outfit change, Leah was all set for cake! Here she is getting ready to take her first bite. This picture kind of makes it look like she eased into it, but she didn't. She went straight to the heart of it with 2 hands!
Life is good for Leah.
I love her more than words!
No time for good manners here.
Elijah and one of his best buddies. Oh, how we love Jess!

We tried to get a good pics of Leah with her parents...
...take 2: fail. But I do kind of like how she and I are talking :).
This girl loves her cake!
She is very pleased with her mess.
Elijah and Daddy played frisbee with Jess when the party was winding down.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Leah is One.

My mom shared a lot of pictures with me that she took during her week long visit so I have a lot of blogging to do, but here is a sneak peak. I just love this girl more than words.

Safe to say she enjoyed her cake.
My favorite picture ever of her.
We had a bird party. Here is Leah's smash cake.