Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day

Kirk told me on Sunday night that he thought our Monday was a little too packed, since we had a parade, a trip to the pool, and a bbq all on the schedule. I asked him what he wanted to cut and he couldn't pick, so we decided to keep everything on and see how it went.  We were tired by the end of the day, but we had such a fun time with family and friends. 

The town of Doylestown has the oldest parade in the country on Memorial Day. I actually rode in it a few times as a kid and it was fun to go back and watch it with MY kids this time! Elijah and Leah struggled with the noise level at first, but adjusted and ended up really enjoying it.  Sweet Emily slept through the entire thing. We had a blast.

Leah, waiting for the parade to start with Grandma.

Elijah was quite excited about his patriotic firetruck shirt that I bought him.

Daddy ran some "exercises" for Elijah and Cam to pass the time waiting for the parade to start.

 Leah joined in.

I could not love this picture any more than I do.

We attempted a pic of all 5 of us.  Leah didn't want to cooperate in this one.

This one is a little better!

Finally, the parade begins!

The Jacksons, enjoying the show.

A little video of the action. Please note Elijah's pink noise cancelling headphones.  They are Cam's and thankfully, she let him wear them because they were the only thing that got him through!

The nice part about the kids being a little scared is that they actually sat in our laps the whole time! 

After the parade, we headed up to Saucon Valley Country Club, where my parents are members and hit  the pools.  It was the perfect day for it and we picture ourselves up there quite a bit this summer! Emily woke up for this part and was just as content as can be in her carseat.  Have I mentioned I love this child?

Leah is a little fish.  She could stay in the water for hours and Grandma is happy to oblige!

We finished the day with a bbq at the Jacksons, which I unfortunately did not document, but we had a great time! All in all, it was a full, but very fun day.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Month Stats

It's hard to believe our sweet baby girl is one month old already! She had her one month checkup on Momday, the 21st, which was one month to the day.  She has already brought us such joy and we are totally in love.  Emily, I pray that you will always know how much you are loved and valued.  You are one God's greatest gifts to us and we will forever be thankful that he made you a part of the Duncan family! 

Sidenote: the pictures aren't great quality because they were taken with Kirk's iPod.  My camera has been misplaced by a certain young someone...I won't name names, ahem, Leah.  She has a tendency to hide things.  I'm sure it will turn up at some point!

You weighed in at 8 lbs, 4oz (25th percentile).  I knew you were feeling heavier, but I am totally impressed you gained over a pound since your last checkup 2 weeks ago!

I know, growing is hard work.  Big yawn!

Your tiny little head was just 13.25 cm, hardly even making the charts at the 2nd percentile.

You are 21 inches long, putting you right in the middle of the pack at the 50th percentile.

Percentiles really mean nothing to us, because to us, you are competely and utterly perfect!

3 Unique Looks

I was looking back at some old pictures today to compare my kids at one month of age.  I just do not think these 3 look alike at all! What do you think?




The siblings

It is so easy to take pics of a newborn, that I've been kind of forgetting to take pictures of the other two. I snapped a few today.  Again, not the best quality because of the iPod, but these kids are stinkin adorable.

The Big Sis

For some reason lately, her favorite hang out spot is in this stroller (which is just sitting in the middle of the one is getting ready to take her for a walk or anything).

A friend of ours gave us a bag of dress up clothes today for the kids (thanks, Monica!).  It was mostly princess dresses and such for Leah, but this Buzz Lightyear costume may have been the highlight in the house today. Elijah wore it for approximately 5 hours straight (minus the 4 times he had to go to the bathroom and we had to take the whole thing off).

One happy little boy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom's Camera/ Easter pics

 I know it has been a long time since Easter, and I already posted pictures from my camera, but I just got a few more downloaded on to my computer from my mom's camera and they are cuter than mine, so I decided to post them.  All the posts below are pics from my mom's camera too. Looking back, it's crazy that we were a family of 4 then.  It's already hard to remember what that was like!

Sweet Leah girl.

Duncans, pre-Emily.

Love my family!

More cousin pics!

Norah, Charlie, and Leah all in their chairs, enjoying some good cartoon entertainment.

Campbell absolutely loves baby Emily.

Norah playing ball.  I just love the little curl on the side of her head.

I bought the bow before Emily was born because I thought the color was just gorgeous.  It is in, bigger than her head.  I put it on her just to see and we all laughed at how big it is.  But I actually still really like it, even though the size is a bit absurd :).

I think she likes it too :).

These are just too cute.

My mom snapped these pictures of Emily the other night when she was just wide awake and making some great faces! Here's a little wink for the camera.

She just is looking older and older every day :(.

Beautiful.  And I am not biased. At all.

My mom also snapped these when these 4 cousins were watching Sesame Street together.

Best buds.

It is rare for Leah to sit for a video. It is even more rare for her to snuggle up close to Charlie! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My sister Rachel and niece Norah came out for a visit during Emily's first week and I am just now getting around to posting these pictures.  Rachel was a huge help because she came on Kirk's first day back to work (after just 2 days off!) and helped me keep the kiddos in line.  Jessica came over with her 2 kids for a little while too and we had a full house of kids! We of course had to take a picture of all 6 cousins, which is always a task and these pictures make me laugh every time I look at them! 

This is actually quite good.  No one is crying and everyone is sitting upright. Victory!

And, it's falling apart.

A visit from 2 sweet girls

Last week, I was so happy to get a visit from one of my best friends Lauren and her sweet daughter, Paisley. One of the perks of being back in PA is I am less than 2 hours from her! I have met Paisley only once, when she was a mere 3 days old and I was AMAZED by how much she has grown in 2 short months.  It will be fun to have these 2 girls so close in age and I am hoping for many play dates in the future.  Lauren, thanks again for making the trip.  You are such a wonderful friend and I can tell that you are a great mom already! 

Lauren and Emily getting acquainted :).

 Friends already.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A weekend with the Duncans

This weekend, a good portion of the Duncan clan came up to PA from NC to meet the newest little Duncan, Emily :).  We are so thankful they made the long trek up here and still got to see Emily in all of her newborn cuteness glory :).  We really enjoyed our time and I told Kirk when they left their visit went by so fast!  Anyway, here are a few pics of our time together.

Elijah could not have been happier that they stayed in a hotel with an indoor pool.  He was absolutely chomping at the bit to go swimming and we got a taste for how much he will love the water this summer!

Leah obviously enjoyed swimming too..especially with Grandpa!

Miss Emily and I sat (or slept, as the case may be) on the sidelines.

Elijah loves his Daddy.

The whole clan in the hot tub (the adults much preferred the warm water to the cold pool...unfortunately, the kids only wanted to be in there for short periods of time and preferred to spend most of their time in the big pool!).

Aunt Konni loved holding her little niece. I don't know if you can read Emily's shirt, but it says "My Auntie Rocks" and was a gift from Aunt Katie and Aunt Konni.

The little lady has been a little (or a lot) clingy to her parents recently.  I am pretty sure she is feeling a bit upstaged by our new addition.

Man, this girl is cute.

Elijah roped Grandpa into reading approximately 13 books in a row. Good man.

Grandma with her oldest and youngest grandchild :). Love this one!

All 3 grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa.

And with Aunt Katie and Aunt Konni!

Thanks again for making the trip, Duncans.  You are welcome here anytime! We love you all!