Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

  I think I say this every year, but I will say it again.  Easter is one of my very favorite days of the year.  I can't help but be filled with joy as I think about the victory Jesus has given me over death.  I can't help but raise my hands in praise as we sing about his great love for us.  God is so good.  This year, Elijah has been very inquisitive about Jesus and what he did on the cross.  I know the Lord is softening his heart toward the truth of the Gospel, and I pray that he will one day soon choose to invite Jesus into his life.  Of course, I pray the same for the girls too, but Elijah has seemed particularly interested, for which I am humbled and thankful!

Easter was a good day for us. They had changed the Easter service times around, so we didn't have to be at church until 11:30. It was nice to have a slow, relaxed morning with the kids.  We started out the day with an Easter egg hunt and then gave the kids their little Easter baskets (which ended up being bowls, because I didn't shop until the day before...oops! The kids didn't seem to mind.) 

Here is Elijah checking out his loot.
 Leah seems excited about her Peeps :). 

Emily was looking a little ragged with her crazy hair and mismatched outfit, but she sure was loving her plastic eggs! 
I took Elijah and Leah outside on the porch for a few pictures while Emily had her morning nap.  I SO wish Emily had been with them now, because they are just too cute !
 This is Leah trying not to smile while Daddy acted like a crazy person behind me :).
 Still trying...
 And she can't hold it in anymore! This is one of my absolute favorite pictures!
 Daddy hopped in for a picture! I love, love, love when Kirk wears a suit :).
 After church we got Emily in there. Elijah is trying to hold Emily back from crawling off the edge of the porch.
 Still keeping his grip.
 I just love these 3.
 Oh well, hey there drools :).
 Sunday night we went up the country club for their Easter dinner with the whole family.  It is a crazy bunch, but we sure do love each other! Here is Grandma with half of the grandkids :).
 Trying to get a decent picture of all 6 is like trying to wrangle a greased pig.  It's better not to try.
 This is the best we've got of all 5 of us.
 Some of the kids playing Ring around the Rosie with Aunt Rach and Grandma.
Happy Easter! He is risen!


Darla said...

SUCH cute pictures!!! It's fun to see how much OLDER your kids look. Oh man. Precious.

Anonymous said...

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